Gotta love Bugs Bunny! LOL But seriously, I'm being stalked in my dreams by a VERY pretty vamp named Vivian. I've talked to her in my dreams, tried "stream of consciousness" writing (suggested by my therapist), and my home-made ouija board(Parker brothers makes enough money!) but i don't know how real our conversations are. What I have so far: She's got beautiful blue eyes, long, black, wavy hair, she's Romainian, she loves me and she wants to embrace me to keep me with her forever. She says she's coming soon, which could mean anytime from now till I'm 80, and she says she is about 1000yrs. old. (I asked her that twice). My wife thinks the whole thing is silly (A good thing), and I have been told it is just an inner voice. I don't buy that last one. Any of ya'll have a suggestion or something? I wanna keep this lady close!

Dark Cowboy