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  1. Foreplay
  2. What the hell Are they doing to our world...
  3. What is the meaning of bamboo tattoo?
  4. What is the meaning of bear tattoo?
  5. The Orientation Scale... ;)
  6. Fantasies
  7. To feel him.
  8. Flesh on Flesh
  9. Who wants to lay me down on a bed....
  10. Pg 13.. BDsM dungeon for me to play
  11. Sexual Vampire Here. Needs a little help.
  12. Sexiest Thing A Woman Can Do
  13. Dog Chains
  14. Adult VF
  15. Adult Roleplay
  16. Dating advice
  17. Thought Provoking Not Sexual
  18. Fetish!
  19. if you had me lock away some where
  20. 18 or Older, please...
  21. am i wierd?
  22. online relationship
  23. is it just me?
  24. what's your kinky level
  25. I havent had sex in a year.
  26. Craziest places to have sex =)
  27. psychic vampires?
  28. A Dog Named Sex--Cute Joke
  29. if i was tied to a bed...
  30. Tantric Vampire
  31. Literotica?
  32. What is the best way to save money
  33. What are you comfortable letting someone do to you
  34. What Are Your Best Pick-Up Lines?