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  1. Obama supporters, what will you do IF he is elected and then shows he is truly just politics as usual?
  2. rev dr kamal k roy author jungle democracy hopeful pres move usca 9 circuit pray rebel gop nominee in ballot
  3. religion base multiple marriage right must be allowed for u s constitutional equities in citizens' religions?
  4. What do you think of the European Union can it grow larger?
  5. What do you think accounts for the disparity between European and American acceptance of the death penalty?
  6. Irish Passport - Do I need visa to work in France?
  7. should ireland have referendum on neutrality?
  8. HOw can you get in the army?
  9. European Union Internship?
  10. In which European Union country is it the easiest to obtain citizenship (for an American)?
  11. Do I have to pay any duties or taxes on my purchases in the US when I fly back home in Europe?
  12. I'm a European Union citizen what forms do I need if I wish to marry an American citizen?
  13. Are you going to vote for an incumbent when your senator or congressman are up for re-elction.?
  14. Why are Obama supporters threatening violence if their candidate loses ?
  15. 75% blame Bush's policies for deteriorating economy
  16. Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War
  17. Gravity is a lie, we don't fall down we fall up!!!!
  18. Misinformed
  19. It's time for campaigning
  20. A very important history lession
  21. A bit from the world today
  22. Newest NATO Members!
  23. G-20 Protests?!
  24. A Moment of Silence...
  25. The Republic of New Texas
  26. put 2 and 2 together and it makes sense
  27. Ulysses S. Grant re-elected U.S. president
  28. global warming
  29. there's something about this smile...
  30. Anarchism is our planets only hope for survival
  31. Am i the only person...
  32. politics & religion
  33. England > Norway marriage?
  34. November 5th