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  1. are there any wiccan or witchcraft?
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  4. Why do people who practice witchcraft, sorcery, voodoo & all other forms of darkness continue2 worship satan?
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  6. Can you catagorize Showtime's The Tudors and HBO's Rome as Soap Operas.?
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  8. Why is that all the questions about Wicca show up in mythology?
  9. what do atheists think of magic like witchcraft and spells, etc...?
  10. Is witchcraft real and if so,does it really work if you have them do the spells?
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  14. If ritmr was a real word what should it mean?
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  19. I thought this was kind of amusing :]
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  34. How can i bring spirits back to life in the flesh? plz help me.
  35. I don't know if this is alright to post here.
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