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  1. A group of friends are looking to find ghosts. Where should we look?
  2. Have any UFO's ever crashed or landed in South Africa?
  3. Could it be haunted?
  4. In what chapters of the bible does it talk about dinosaurs and dragons?
  5. UFO over Toronto?
  6. Have you ever seen a Ghost , or had any Paranormal experiences ?
  7. An UFO lands in an Iowa corn field, turns off power and does nothing , what are military and gov procedures?
  8. Bigfoot Sightings?
  9. do you think these mystical creature exist?
  10. Do you believe in aliens?
  11. do you really think that if our US GOVT found a ufo they would tell the rest of us?
  12. which cryptids you would more want to see in person?
  13. Are there any Atheists that believe in anything such as bigfoot, aliens, ufos,gnomes, leprechauns?
  14. Why do people think that Scientologists believe in aliens?
  15. Is this a real UFO or Hollywood magic???
  16. First time Question,Does Bigfoot exist?
  17. If ghosts,aliens,bigfoots don't exist, then what are we seeing, do you believe?
  18. Alien crop circles?
  19. Where and when did the 'alien' crop circles happen?
  20. good sites with ghost videos (REAL ONES) on..?
  21. Questions??? Please Help Loves:)
  22. Experience
  23. Ghosts and Demons
  24. 2012
  25. This October 14th stuff
  26. Vampires in Alaska.
  27. Demons
  28. What are the sources for your favorite uncommon things?
  29. Any information on UFO’s !!
  30. Dark Figure
  31. im being followed by what i have no clue?
  32. Flashbacks
  33. the dark ones
  34. Questons want answered.
  35. Ouijj Board
  36. Spirit Guides
  37. mass suicide
  38. Who wnats to talk to me???
  39. Jersey Devil
  40. Disappointed
  41. Strange lamp thing
  42. Want to conjure spirits? There's an app for that - no seriously there is lol
  43. Questionnaire please help
  44. can u bring back ghosts?
  45. Witch Here