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  1. How do we define vampires
  2. An article about Vampires
  4. About me...
  5. This is my story....
  6. Omen
  7. Origin huh...
  8. A very long story short
  9. My life
  10. Life
  11. my story of origin
  12. Ireland
  13. Paradox
  14. How Was I Created!?!?! not baby making
  15. I would like to share a rare story...... of myself
  16. The dull story of Desiree.
  17. On Becoming A Vampire...
  18. The Origin of Vampires
  19. Ramble with me
  20. How I found out.
  21. I'll probably regret this, but why not?
  22. My Story on how it happend
  23. somthing religious?
  24. True Vampirsim and the story of my life...
  25. This should make some say "Hummm"
  26. My Theory Of Origin
  27. read this if you feel like your lost...
  28. Vampires could be the angels of Religion.
  29. Japanese Vampires
  30. Pandoras Box.
  31. Legends of the Vampire - Around the World
  32. Does vampirism run in your family?
  33. Please feel free to laugh your head off
  34. Reincarnation, true or false?
  35. Learning of the life through Magic...